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Windfall Artwork (Final).png


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Windfall Artwork (Final).png


Windfall is my debut EP with Eric Moen.


We wrote this to be reminiscent of the video game soundtracks we heard growing up with each song being a different part of the progression through the story characters follow in old JRPGs.

Hometown is our opening town theme, Starlight reflecting leaving home for the first time, Olive Coast is our beach/ coastal theme, and Windfall is the end credits :)


Reflections of Mini Metro

Reflections of Mini Metro is a companion EP I worked on with Rich Vreeland (Disasterpeace) to go along with his Mini Metro soundtrack. I also wrote the music for Mini Metro's Chicago level.

The soundtrack is procedurally generated and you hear a new version each time you play the game.


Sun King

Sun King is a feature film comedy about a man who believes he is the reincarnated Louis XIV. Directed by Marcus Aubin

2020-11-15 (3).png

The Investigator 

The Investigator is an animated film set to create a visualization of a poem recited in the TV show "The Expanse".

I wrote the soundtrack and worked closely with animator Logan Himango on the sound design.


Outer Wilds: Echoes of the Eye

I did some assistant sound work with Akash Thakkar in the early stages of this.


I went around to a bunch of different nature spots field recording ambiences and sound effects to build a sound library that Akash could utilize when designing the final sounds of the game.

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